The Ambassadors – A Lenten Study on Death and Vanity

Hans Holbein the Younger Recently, I watched a fascinating Amazon Prime documentary on artist Hans Holbein: “Holbein, Eye of the Tudors.”  Hans Holbein was a Swiss artist during the Reformation whose work was impeded by the Iconoclasts — a break-off of Lutheranism that was against all graven images of God.  Basel, Switzerland, where Holbein lived, … Keep reading

Confessions and Creeds

Creeds and Confessions: Defining the Faith

Creeds and Confessions: The Argument One criticism that evangelicals often level at Lutherans (and Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans/Episcopals, and some Calvinists), is that rather than hold to Scriptures, we put other things in the way, such as creeds, catechisms, and confessional works.  Some will even say that we are adding to Scripture. This is a misrepresentation … Keep reading