About Me

Hi, I’m Lora

When I started The Rebellious Pastor’s Wife over at Blogger 11 years ago, I wasn’t sure what I was trying to do. Being a pastor’s wife was probably the least favorite aspect of my life.  But without even realizing it, I think this blog was an attempt to wrestle with this part of my identity rather than ignore it.

So I blogged about what mattered to me and it resonated with people: pastor’s wives who were hurting, moms who were struggling with little kids, homeschoolers, pastors, and men who shared my excitement for the Lutheran faith (and baseball?).

When Time Magazine included me in a story on how pastors’ wives were using the internet to support each other, I realized that there was some of that going on here, too. in the midst of whatever else I might feel like writing about each day (I don’t have a subscription, it won’t let me in. It’s a good article, though).

A lot has changed in the eleven years since I started blogging.  I still want you to know you have a friend out there.

This year is my husband’s 20th anniversary of his ordination.  That means I’m coming up on 20 years of being a PW as well.  Mind blown.

I still feel like a square peg in the Pastor’s Wife department, but as always, I am honored and proud to be Jeff’s wife, more than I can ever say.