Blogging, Overthinking, and Us

I Just Can’t Seem to Get Started

I’m overthinking this and I have been for years.

See, I never meant to have a pastor’s wife blog. At first, the very title was about how scary this pastor’s wife stereotype was and how I just wanted to be Lora.

I vented, I shared.  And you heard me.  You related to me, and you even started asking me questions.  We helped each other.  And we had fun.  I loved that.  Writing something that brought you comfort was a joy to me. Helping seminary wives was an honor.

Then, I’ll be honest, there were a few years where the hurt was too personal to write about — and there were things my husband and I agreed it wasn’t wise to write about.


But Now . . .

So now, I’ve spent a few years trying to start back up, but there’s always been this block.  I’ve known it’s there, but I couldn’t identify what it was.  Whenever I tried, I would end up slamming into it, but I couldn’t name it.  But I’ve figured it out.

It’s you.

Or rather, my love for you.

You see, with the kids almost grown, a chronic illness, and living in a more expensive state, I’d really like to take the leap forward to professional blogging and writing, because I still think there is a lot to say.

I don’t want you to think if there are a couple of ads in the sidebar or a few affiliate links in a post, that I’ve sold you out — because I treasure you, and I want to keep doing the same exact thing — discussing theology, life, and just goofing off.

Blogging has Changed. Boy Howdy

I remember a pastor telling me that when they started their little school, it was “do what you can to make it work.”  When it did work, then there came a time when they had to “grow up” and have policies and ways of doing things.

Blogging has done that, especially if you want to be seen and heard.

There is so much to think aboutSEO

  • SEO formatting (Search Engine Optimization)
  • The right themes
  • There are EXPERTS with all the right formulas for finding your readership (“Tribe” is the word they are using for this. Egad).
  • Branding (which is just a stupid way of saying representing yourself)
  • And social media (Which one(s)? All of them? Focus on one? What time to schedule posts? How many times?)


Part of the reason why these things are important is because I have started a virtual assistant business where I really do need to know all of these things…but it is really enough to drive an overthinking woman absolutely batty.

Here We Go

But I’ve slogged through that Slough of Despond and the weight of all of this on my back has fallen off.  I think I can do this, as long as you know I care.  I’m not trying to become a celebrity, in the Lutheran world or otherwise, but I do want to be a professional. I think I have something to offer you, and I know you have something to offer me.

The other thing that has held me back is the fact that the Lutheran Blogosphere is not exactly the wonderful supportive place it was a decade ago when I got started on all of this blogging stuff.  There has beena  lot of change there, too.  It can be a “sweaty-toothed madman.” (Okay, I just watched Dead Poet’s Society, I’ll admit it.)  I couldn’t move forward until I decided that while I don’t like bullies, I do like civil discourse.  I had to realize that all I simply had to decide was that meanness, should it rear its ugly head, will not be tolerated.  If I’m unsure about whether a commenter is being mean or is just exhibiting “Lutheran personality,” I will drop a warning.

I’ve always been blessed by you all and this blog.  I miss that.  With all of this out of the way, I think we can finally start “for reals.”  I certainly feel more like myself in this post than I have in a long time.

Here we go.

RPW signatiure


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